An healthy human diet comprises many beneficial compounds and the same is true for many food supplements that can be found in the market. However, the in- vivo activity of such natural components may be limited due to degradation in the digestive system and liver and the lack of a delivery pathway to the organ in the body which requires them the most.

This is particularly true when the desired outcome is neuroprotection. Most active components of dietary supplements cannot reach the brain, the most protected and important organ in our body.

To overcome these limitations, we at Granalix generate innovative formulations of natural compounds that increase their bioavailability and allow them to target organs of interest and in particular the brain. Our formulations are tested for their activity and mechanism of action by the most rigorous scientific criteria, either in certified animal models, or by well-defined biochemical tests. Nevertheless, due to the natural origin of our compounds, they are categorized as dietary supplements, therefore safe enough for long-term consumption of most individuals.

GranaGard, our first formulation, was shown in animal experiments to target the brain and exert there its beneficial effect.

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