The Seeds of Better Health and Skin

Pomegranate Seed Oil with Micro-Absorption Technology.

Pomegranate Seed Oil (PSO) is rich in the special antioxidant Punicic Acid aka Omega 5.

The amazing health benefits of this superfood are discussed in dozens of scientific papers.

These include:

  • Cellular protection especially in the brain,
  • Better skin, increased energy levels,
  • Improved lung health,
  • Anti-cancer properties,
  • Anti-inflammatory properties and many many other health benefits that help users feel younger and healthier.

The problem, as with many antioxidant superfoods, is that the body doesn’t fully absorb it in small amounts.

GranaGard’s micro-absorption formulation is specially designed to make the health benefits of Punicic Acid readily available for you in an easy to take pill.

Here is regular PSO mixed with water:

Here is regular PSO mixed with water:

Here is regular PSO mixed with water:

[3 second gif video mixing regular PSO w water]

The oil doesn’t absorb well into the water, similar to the body.

Here is micro-absorption GranaGard’s mixed with water:

[3 second gif video mixing GranaGard with water]

The oil absorbs well into the water, similar to the body.

[call to action]  picture of bottle on side with pills out

The Story Behind the Breakthrough

Prof. Ruth Gabizon, a neurology expert from the prestigious Hadassah Hospital, was going on a hike and needed a protective face cream.  She picked up a cream with pomegranate seed oil (PSO) after the clerk at the store raved about it.  She kept using it after the hike and was surprised when everyone kept remarking how much younger she looked and wanted to find out her secret.

She realized the quality of the antioxidants in PSO were something special and decided to research if those antioxidants could help in preventing Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Dementia and other age related neurological problems.

The biggest obstacle she faced was the fact that the liver absorbed much of the punicic acid, the main antioxidant found in PSO and kept it from helping the brain and the rest of the body.  So she contacted a top world scientist in nanotechnology, Professor Shlomo Magdassi from Hebrew University, to see if he could help.  The result is the special micro-absorption formulation called GranaGard now available for purchase.

A clinical study on mice revealed what Professor Gabizon had suspected, the powerful antioxidants in PSO do help brain cells in the GranaGard formulation.  The brain could be helped, at least as shown in animal testing.

As far as helping the body, another study shows how GranaGard helps MS in mice.  More clinical studies are coming out soon.

Access scientific breakthroughs with the greatest potential
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